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William Palmer grew up in a stranged and weird environment , until one day during his adoption , he went through different challenges and trials , after those trials came rewards where his mind opened up to a whole new possibilities. With such he started looking into Magic , and Card tricks , where he gradually got better and better every day. If your interested in watching his videos , click on the " Videos" Link sit back and watch.

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Well up to about a week ago something hit me in my face and a person came up to me and said do you want to learn magic?

I was curious at first and didnt believe him until he showed me something that changed my way of thinking forever, ever since then i have been gradually increasing my skills From mind reading to Card Predictions I say a card and i find it in 3 seconds after 2 moves ( Impossible without Magic ).

Continuing On....

I can throw dice on the table and say for example i want to roll a 10 and boom i see a 10 , or how about 4 and i roll a 4 or if i want a number i say it and then boom i roll it I can also ( Not to play in real life game but just for attraction ) I can make the perfect deck for spades or blackjack otherwise known as 21 When a player sits down in front of me i will tell him that either u or me And i can do a lot more , the more i practice the more better and more opened i get to understanding the world better My hopes are one day if i get super good i can call myself a 4 Horseman With that said Your welcome Universe.

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Will of Magic Forum is a place to talk , practice , engage , and show off

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in the magical arts of wizardy , sorccery , witchcraft , Demonology, Warlocks,Spiritual, and whatever else there is that i have missed and have this on the bottom part There is no Bad mouthing other members , Disresepcting Users , You can Off linke videos that you have produced onto youtube , or Vevo , or Google Video Services , but no where else. Enjoy - Your welcome Universe

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